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6 Children's Picture Books Space, Dinosaur, Princess and More - Kindle™

This project was huge. The six stories had countless rewrites between myself and my wife and then they were illustrated by my friend Gary Lucken. He’s been an illustrator on quite a few computer games in his time and I just love his work. There are over 90 pictures in this e-book.

6 Children’s Picture Books - Amazon USA

6 Children’s Picture Books - Amazon UK

Why Knights Don't Save Princesses From Tall Towers Anymore - The Princess is stuck in the tower. Who will rescue her? The dashing knight of course. But, what is a princess to do when none of the knight's rescue plans work?

There's A Mouse In The House - A pesky mouse keeps stealing food. Jeff's mum wants him chased away by the cat, but Jeff decides it's best to make friends.

Space School - Class Three are disappointed when their teacher leads them out onto the field for a school trip. Until, Mrs Juniper presses a button and a spaceship appears.

Ugg And Fang - No pets are allowed at cave school, but Ugg decides to take his sabre-toothed tiger, Fang, in anyway. Of course this results in chaos!

What Is That Thing? - A strange creature is swept up onto the shore. It doesn't know what it is and neither does its friends. The bullying cheetahs know what the thing is, but they wont tell until the thing joins their mean gang.

Dinosaur's Only - Pterodactyl wants to go to the dinosaur party, but Allosaurus won't let him in as he's not a dinosaur. Pterodactyl and his non-dinosaur friends disguise themselves as dinosaurs so they can sneak in.

Ages 4-7. Designed to work on all readers.

Author Notes: The dinosaur story, “Dinosaur’s Only” is rather unique. As well as having in the story the well known T-Rex and Allosaurus we introduce some fun animals that lived at the same time as the dinosaurs, but were not actually related, you might need to google them after you read the story, as I am sure your child will be curious to know what these fantastic creature were.

I love space and science fiction stories but even though “Space School” is a children’s picture book, not a novel, I wanted to get the all facts about space correct, well apart from a teacher taking her class into space and meeting aliens on the moon, well it might happen one day…

When we first wrote “There’s A Mouse in the House” we were very unsure if to make it rhyme at all. It isn’t an easy task to do well, made even harder when being read by an international audience, in which different words are pronounced in different ways. It did take us a very long time but we were very happy with the results.

To make this, what I hope is one of the best children’s kindle pictures books available in the market, a lot of time was spent on formatting. Whatever the tablet you use to read it, be it the original e-ink Kindle™, iPad™ or Kindle™ Fire, we wanted the pictures to be as vibrant as possible. We also wanted to keep the related text on the same page, to give it that proper picture book feel.

To get around this formatting problem, some authors simply made each page a single picture with the text embedded, but this looses text quality and I feel reduces the experience. Instead, I formatted every page, tested it on as many devices as possible to make the pictures as large as we could without shifting to the next page, download the sample through the kindle links, and you will see how well it has come out - Charles