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Clara’s Ugly Monster - Children Picture Book

We did not intend this children’s picture book to have sound effects. It only happened when Dan, the illustrator, created the first draft of the pictures and they seemed perfect for hiding sounds and making the book interactive. It was only going to be a few sound effect, but of course, I got a bit carried away.

The sounds were made by various members of the family running, jumping, breaking, banging and singing. We also used a variety of objects including the kitchen sink. The sounds were then distorted, filtered, reversed and anything else that seemed fun, until it was ready for the iBooks™ store.

Clara’s Ugly Monster Children’s Picture Book with 40 Hidden Sounds - iBooks UK

Clara’s Ugly Monster Children’s Picture Book with 40 Hidden Sounds - iBooks USA

It is also available without sound, with 25 beautiful pictures on kindle™.

Clara’s Ugly Monster -  Amazon USA

Clara’s Ugly Monster - Amazon UK

Clara loves her noisy, clumsy, messy purple monster. Unfortunately, Mum doesn't. "That monster is destroying our house! We're taking it back to the shop."

Is the perfect green monster Mum gets instead as good as it seems? Clara doesn't think so, especially when it swallows Mum!

25 Pictures.

The pictures were illustrated by the fantastic Daniel McCloskey.