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Leandra’s Magical Mishaps - Children’s Picture Books

Leandra thinks she's a wicked witch, because every time she tries to do good magic it always goes wrong. Like creating a muddy waterfall for her sister's birthday present, or conjuring weeds as a gift for her poorly grandmother.

The Annual Enchanta Picnic is coming up and Leandra is dreading competing in the junior magic competition. Can she create a good spell? Could she win first prize?

A magical children's picture book with a happy ending. 25 hand drawn pictures by the amazing Jessica Draws to make this story come to life.

Leandra was a witch from a family of good enchanters.  She knew she was a witch because every time she tried to do helpful magic it ended up going wrong and witchy.

She tried to create a birthday present for her big sister Isseult.

“Squiggle, piggle, choco mezent. Make Issuelt a big, fun present.”

The ground began to shake and crack.
Then a waterfall magically appeared. Murky, brown sludge oozed down the slope and plopped into a pool at the bottom.

Whoever's heard of a muddyfall? Sorry I ruined the party,” sobbed Leandra.

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