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After the success of Seven Fun Stories, we have now released More Fun Stories for 4-7 year Olds.

Composing the music and sound effects were great fun, combined with Paul Chambers (the narrator) and his amazing talent for voices. Total Length is 70 minutes.

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Dinosaurs Only - Pterodactyl wants to go to the dinosaur party, but Allosaurus won't let him in as only dinosaurs are allowed. Pterodactyl and his non-dinosaur friends sneak in, but the party isn't at all what they expected, especially when they fall over T-Rex.

What Is That Thing? - A thing is swept up onto the shore. It doesn't know what it is and neither does its new friends. The nasty, bullying cheetahs do and they wont tell until the thing joins their mean gang. Time for the thing to make a decision and learn from its friends who it really is.

Why Knights Don't Save Princesses From Tall Towers Anymore - The princess is stuck in the tower again. But when all the knights rescue plans go disastrously wrong it's time for the smart princess to take charge.

Ugg And Fang - No pets are allowed at cave school, but Ugg's sabre-toothed tiger Fang has other plans.

When a Frog's Not a Prince - Despite what you read in stories, frogs do not like being kissed by princesses. Cuthbert frog was fed up with his day being constantly being interrupted by princesses trying to kiss him. He's going to stop those princesses kissing frogs once and for all.

Space School - Class Three fly to the moon, meet aliens, go on a space mission and learn a few fun space facts on the way.

Leandra's Magical Mishaps - Every time Leandra tries to do magic it always goes wrong. She's dreading competing in the junior magic competition. Can she create a good spell? Could she win first prize?

More Fun Stories for 4-7 Year Olds

(Children’s Audiobook)