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We’ve Got To Stop That Alien!

Ben and Hannah keep waking up to find their room is a rubbish dump, but it isn't them who keeps making a mess, it's the alien.

The kids have had enough, but how do you stop a super, advanced, intelligent alien?

A science fiction book for kids - 3,800 words with over 12 Illustrations

Ages 7-10

Available on Kindle™

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We’ve Got To Stop That Alien!- Amazon UK

Chapter 1

Ben and Hannah woke up one morning to find their bedroom looked like a rubbish dump.

Ben's pens were scattered everywhere. Hannah's beads were dumped in a pile on the floor. Dolls, teddies, construction kits and cars were all over the place.

“Morning,” said Mum, opening the door. “Time to get up.” Then, she noticed the mess. “You two have been busy this morning. Look at your room!”

“It wasn't me,” said Ben quickly. “I've been asleep. Honest! I've only just woken up.”

“Liar!” said Hannah. “I didn't do this. It must have been you.”

“You're the liar!” said Ben.

“No, you are!” shouted Hannah.

“ENOUGH!” yelled Mum. “Do you two ever stop blaming each other? I don't actually care who made the mess, I just want it cleaned up. Be quick or you'll miss breakfast.” She closed the door and went to get herself ready for work.

Ben and Hannah glared at each other.

“I hate sharing a room with you,” said Hannah, getting out of bed. “I'm always tidying your stuff away.” She started putting her beads back into the box.

“No you don't!” said Ben. “Anyway, Mum's gone, so you can stop lying. We both know you did it.” Ben put his head under the covers. “And, I don’t see why I should help clean up.”

“There is no way I'm cleaning up your things as well as mine,” said Hannah. “So, you'll just miss breakfast.” She smirked.

Ben sighed. He threw back the covers, got out of bed and started putting his chess board away.

Suddenly, a bright, red light beamed through the bedroom window, giving everything an eerie glow. Hannah and Ben stared in amazement as the beam changed to blue, then green, then back to red again. They scrambled to the window to find a round spaceship with flickering lights hovering in complete silence outside. Inside the spaceship they could see a little, glowing, green alien with thick purple eyebrows.