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Who is Charles Vald

I have always loved writing stories and I am very lucky that my wife does too; together we work as a team creating fun and original stories.

The first audiobook CD we created was a special CD to help children sleep. The CD has a set of relaxation exercises followed by a guided story about a trip to the beach. There are now two CDs in the series; the second being about an outing to a lake.

In December 2010, an anthology of our stories was released on audio CD. We then adapted the stories in 2011 to release them as a kindle™ book.

In 2012 we released Clara's Ugly Monster. A picture book about Clara, who loves her ugly, clumsy, noisy purple monster, and now we have released our 6 Children’s Picture Books set.

We hopefully will have a few more books being released in 2012.

Here is my mail address below, if you wish to contact me or you can always twitter me.


Other work you might find of interest is my Help Children Sleep CD

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